PWNSTARZ Stream ReBrand 2018

PWNSTARZ Twitch Branding 2018

For the past couple years, I have created PWNSTARZ simple concept overlays for his stream. But, for 2018, PWNSTARZ and I agreed that an overhaul was needed, so I began work on creating a new design to match the PWNSTARZ brand.

PWN gave some detailed ideas on what he was looking for, he wanted the brand to reflect his personal taste in gaming hardware. It was decided we wanted to try and create a futuristic view from the inside of a custom built, liquid cooled PC system. This would be directly related to the intro for the stream.

The idea was pretty big to be honest and would require a bit of 3D and compositing work. So, the entire scene, models, textures and lighting were created and finalized with several cut scenes and camera movements through the space.

The premise of this intro is the illusion of being inside the PWNSTARZ logo. The fly-thrus slowly make their way to an exit tunnel system and finally revealing the logo. The cooling chamber (The PC chassis) and the end tunnel scene were 2 separate 3D environments just cut together to make it look like one shot.

Stream Assets

So, for the 2018 revamp, PWN wanted to keep the main game capture scene un-cluttered. Therefore we removed all overlays to keep the screen clean, except for the facecam. If used, the only on screen overlay will be a top social bar.

Pre-Game Scene

The pregame screen consists of a new look for the PWNSTARZ brand. It contains animated energy light rings which match the brand color scheme. This is an alpha channel render to allow PWN to place any type of capture he wants in the provided screen and other available real estate.

Start and Over

The stream starting and stream over screens are built off the energy light ring concept, matching the brand.

Notifications – PWNARMY (Concept)

The notification is a work in progress. It is fully animated as a reward type notification for PWNSTARZ viewers. This notification may change as it will be updated several times before being finalized.

This is just a quick look at the new PWNSTARZ stream package to give you an idea of the new visual look. Included in this package is all new social profile headers, twitch panels and covers etc. Stop by and check PWNSTARZ out if you are looking for beast FPS gameplay!

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