EnticeTheMalice Gaming History, From 1980’s to Present Day

Entice The Malice Gaming History

It’s been a long time for me and gaming. Starting out with my very first gaming machine, the Atari 2600 back in the early 1980’s. It was my first peek at the gaming world. It was amazing to see games like Moon Patrol, Pitfall and other failed games like E.T. I owned every game that ever came out for the Atari, I only wish I had kept it all…

Soon after the Atari came out a new contendo showed up by the name Intellivision. My dad purchased this device for me also in the early 80’s at Toys R’ Us, what a day that was. I was so excited to play it as it used a new type of controller. Each game had its own little insert that you had to put on the controller. These inserts contained all the button layouts needed in order to play the game correctly. The Intellivision system lasted longer than I expected, but once the Nintendo (NES) system came out, it just destroyed it and the atari.

From this point on, I owned almost every console out there. I didn’t really play the Genesis as I was more of a Nintendo kid, but when the Sega CD came out, I was all over it. Loved that system. Then as the years went by, I got into building my own PC systems. During this time, multiplayer became a staple in gaming and when Quake II multiplayer dropped, I was hooked. Sticking to Quake and Unreal for years really built up my skill as they were such fast games, true fps arena shooters.

Then, my favorite Quake of all time came out in 1999, Quake III Arena. I played this game religiously on MPLAYER.com when it was still around. (New MPLAYER is here) I competed in the pro tournaments during Quakecon 1999 and 2000 in Q3, losing to Fatal1ty, of course… Then I got into Counter Strike, this was an interesting title. The game was so hacked and full of cheats, my team, TEAMGOD began to harass other gamers in order to keep the game fun, defeating competing groups such as myg0t and JAPS. I think most of them have been in jail or dead last I checked. So TEAMGOD prevailed.

And here we are today, still playing hard, still dominating as much as possible and still having some fun. Click the link below to see my history timeline in chronological order.

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