EnticeTheMalice and Death Crew Making Friends in Sea of Thieves #1

EnticeTheMalice Making Friends Ep 01

It’s been a little while since I’ve played Sea of Thieves, about a week to be exact. So the crew and I logged on and decided to do some of the Sunken Curse event, which was cool and all, but we really wanted to make some new friends.

We met some people, most were a little shy. First we started out meeting YokedPegasus513, we said hello and he ended up giving us his skulls in return by scuttling his ship. Thanks! Next, we have a galleon that came towards us, I think they wanted to be friends. So we also said hello to them. We met REETREAPER3000, Corndwell and Big Blue Fox. They didn’t show any respect by providing donated goods to us. So that didn’t end to well for them unfortunately.

Lastly, we met a nice young man named PonchyeetO, he actually put some skulls on the beach for us and let us kill the Captain for him during his Order of Souls mission. What a guy! He was very nice to us and we showed the same respect. Great games! In the below video, my mic is low volume. I chose wrong mic to record in game, so thats why. 

Welcome to the Hall of the Owned!

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4I_PLCQyu8&feature=youtu.be” /]

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