Making Friends Episode 2 – Solo Sloop Stalking Skull Fort Galleon in Sea Of Thieves

EnticeTheMalice Making Friends 2 Sloop Stalking Galleon

It’s that time again, another day on the high seas making new friends. In this episode of EnticeTheMalice’s Making Friends, I stalked a 4 man Galleon that was completing a skull fort. Normally, if I’m running solo, I normally don’t bother with skull forts, but I was feeling PVP’ish so I thought I’d try and make some new friends.

For this fort, I decided to go tactical by not just sailing up to the fort, but to stay far away and swim over. Luckily this fort was taking place at Crow’s Nest and had a nice set of rocks to hide my little sloop. From here, I shot myself over to make some official introductions, it didn’t go quite well if I must say.

The first lucky pirate I met was Woodster711, he jumped into the water to take a swim with me. Unfortunately for him, he decided not to play nice and ended up dead. Once I made my way onto their ship, I was met by Mr. Woodster711‘s friends, Americanmisfit9 and Directedfire98. I could never see a 4th, so this may have only been a 3 man ship, not entirely sure. However, the crew did eventually kill me but that didn’t stop my mission to make new friends. Once they completed the fort, they didn’t take the key and run, oh no, they actually opened up the vault and started loading the loot.

By this time, I made a new solo slooper friends and convinced him to ram the galleon while I take some canon shots. He didn’t survive during his kamikaze event. (Pours out a 40 ounce). So now, I let my ship sail away while I snuck onto Crows Nest and let the waiting game begin. This was a stressful time as the galleon crew tried their little hearts out to find me, but failed. I then decided to finish this off and let them go out with a bang. I found a powered keg, put some holes in the ship, took out the crew and the ship went down in a blaze of glory.

All the skull fort loot came to the surface for my picking. Obviously I took the stronghold skull and chest, hid them and returned moments later with my trusty sloop to collect the goods.

Good game Galleon crew, welcome to the Hall of the Owned!

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