Potential Upcoming Stream Schedule For EnticeTheMalice

EnticeTheMalice Stream Schedule News

As of right now, I juggle a full time career, family and a software company. Finding time to do what I love (Playing Games) is not easy, but with support from friends and family, it’s never impossible. I am toying with a stream schedule that would allow me some air time and still give me the requirements for reaching partner status when that time comes via Mixer.com. This schedule allows me to work my day job, put in time with my software company and not sacrifice time with the family. The preliminary schedule is as follows;

Monday: 6pm-8pm est
Tuesday: 6pm-8pm est
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: 6pm-8pm est
Friday: 6pm-8pm est
Saturday: OPEN
Sunday: OFF

All times are eastern time zone. Saturday is marked as “OPEN” which would entail that I may or may not stream that day depending on prior engagements. I would suggest following me on Twitter as that is where I’d give updates on Saturday Streams.

Also, I am still looking for stream team partners and collaborators. If you are wanting to play some games and stream and are able to play on the above mentioned times, please read this article and contact me asap!

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