Streamer Pace 22 Animated Dumpster Starting Screen on Twitch

Pace 22 Dumpster Fire

As many of you know, I enjoy a good game of Sea of Thieves. The PVP aspects of the game make it a really fun game to play with a good crew. Pace 22 is one of those players who demolishes other players in Sea of Thieves, attracting a great amount of salt that needed to be deposited into a dumpster.

With these details, I created an animated starting screen for Pace that accurately represents his brand with a flaming dumpster fire.

This animation consists of the dumpster, which is just a 2d picture, the floor, particle system which creates the fire, heat distortion and final color grading to blend everything together. It’s a simple enough scene which really shows off the brand Pace is going for.

Be sure to check the Pace stream out here:

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