EnticeTheMalice and ChopTheBone Epic Sea of Thieves Fort Key Theft

Sea of Thieves PVP, Fort Key Theft

During the livestream for EnticeTheMalice and ChopTheBone, an epic battle for the skull fort key ensued. It all started after sinking approximately 12 ships during a few hours of server hopping. The latest fort we were headed to had just been completed, so of course we change up tactics during the approach in order to intercept the crew already on scene at the fort.

The enemy crew saw us coming and decided to leave before opening the stronghold vault and the chase was on. The brig sailed into the red sea, at which time we attempted to board but to no avail, so the chase continued. After a short chase, the brig sailed into the red sea again, however, an attempt to board was unsuccessful. Once both ships returned to normal seas, the kraken showed, holding both crews within it’s grip.

While attempting to fight off the kraken, ChopTheBone bailed our sloop and swam to the enemy brig in an attempt to locate the fort key. While on the enemy ship, he located and stole the fort key and brought it aboard our sloop. At this time, ChopTheBone returned to the enemy ship to keep killing them, giving EnticeTheMalice time to escape, which resulted in the brig sinking. What both EnticeTheMalice and ChopTheBone did not realize is that one member from the enemy crew came aboard our ship and stole the fort key back and jumped back into the ink filled water.

Once this was realized, ChopTheBone was able to locate the enemy crew member who took the key back and eliminated him, thus obtaining the key once again. By this time though, the Kraken had damaged the sloop beyond repair due to low supplies. It was at this time, EnticeTheMalice and ChopTheBone decided to scuttle the ship as Bone had the key and the rowboat that was on the brig. This decision paid off as we spawned closer than expected to the scene location.

The voyage back to the kraken scene began along with the brig sailing parallel, just south of our sloop. Both ships heading back in a race to retrieve the fort key. Bone was still rowing towards Marauders Arch to hide the key before the brig arrived, however, luck was on our side as another sloop just left the same island heading towards the brig.

From a distance, we observed the brig shoot a crew member to Shark Fin Camp, possibly to camp the fort in hopes to obtain the key from us. The remaining brig crew then began to chase the sloop that had left Marauders Arch, thinking it was us. This gave us enough time to hide the key and return to Shark Fin Camp in order to locate and kill the crew member who was there.

Once we arrived at Shark Fin, no one was there, so we waited and as expected, the enemy brig changed course to our location. Once the brig reached a close enough distance, we dropped sails and positioned ourselves in front of the brig, allowing us to successfully board and anchor the enemy crew. Once anchored, I turned our sloop around and fired off several low level canon shots and sunk the brig.

The time clock has started, we retrieved the fort key from Marauders Arch, opened the stronghold vault and cashed in a rather decent sized booty haul. Well worth the time it took to fight for the key. Be sure to watch the entire session with no edits to see how it all went down. Its a long video but well worth it for sea of thieves fanatics. GG to the enemy brig.

Welcome to the Hall of the Owned.

Brig victims as followed; ExpertSteak, Heffecs, SpryPhoenix3208

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