EnticeTheMalice Debut Stream in January 2020

EnticeTheMalice, Illumicorp Twitch Stream

For the last several months, I have been working on a concept idea to bring into the streaming world. Starting in January, 2020, I’ll be debuting my own stream on Twitch.tv/EnticeTheMalice_ in an effort to move closer to the new world. Following the path of enlightenment, we can build a better tomorrow.

The stream is part of the ILLUMICORP brand which will be on the lookout for potential like minded individuals who share the vision of enlightenment. The ETM stream will consist of gameplay from several genres, mostly FPS in a variety of games. Networking with other streamers, companies and our own subsidiaries, we will extend our reach into the gaming and entertainment world.

To stay updated on dates, follow me on Twitter: EnticeTheMalice

This is only the beginning.

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