Stream Debrief – Salty Pirate PiRiShX gaming gets schooled in Sea of Thieves

Stream Debrief - PiRiShX gets owned

Stream Date: 12/31/19

This marks the debut stream for EnticeTheMalice on With a visual story element integrated with the stream (Red Arena), and entertaining game play, the Malice stream should keep viewers engaged. During this debut stream, Malice crewed up with fellow Capstone King members, Newz lol, MassSniper and BoyDudeMan in a full Galleon in Sea of Thieves.

The first server presented an active Fort of the Damned which was being completed by a 2 person sloop, one crew member being PiRiShX. Upon arriving at the fort, PiRiShX and his crew mate attempted to flee the scene with the loot they had on board, including the Athena chest. However, his attempt to flee the Kings was unsuccessful. The sloop was immediately stopped, boarded and its crew killed until all supplies and loot were confiscated.

During this time, PiRiShX became vocal with vulgarities and claims of unethical game play behavior. He was immediately silenced once again by several flintlocks and eye of reach shots to the face. Once the sloop had sunk, the Kings crew set a course to the nearest outpost to offload the confiscated loot. Once we had arrived on scene, we saw PiRiShX rapidly approaching our location in his 2 person sloop. Once the Athena was safely delivered, the remaining loot was left on board so another round of PVP with PiRiShX could be initiated.

Unsurprisingly, PiRiShX failed again in his attempt to obtain revenge. He was killed, over and over and finally sunk. During this session, PiRiShX was sunk approximately 4 times and during our interaction with him he showed no signs of ethical behavior. The below clip is just one of those humorous moments of him kneeling before his Kings.

Watch Highlight: New Years Eve 2019 Funny Moment from EnticeTheMalice_ on No further action taken against PiRiShX at this time.

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