Stream Debrief – Jan 1, 2020, Athena Fail on the Seas with a Dusty Harpoon

EnticeTheMalice Dusty Harpoon

Stream Date: 01/01/20

On the above date, the Capstone Kings crew embarked on a strategic journey to steal a Fort of the Damned and an athena chest. Crew members negotiated a deal with another galleon to take over their ship to begin the official ops plan. During this time, the original galleon crew who were suppose to start the fort, apparently left the server, however, before the Kings started to hop to another server themselves, they spotted a solo sloop with a number of islands circled. The amount of islands circled is consistent with a possible Athena quest.

The Kings then decided to perform a tuc on this sloop by pulling off a distraction. As you will see in the below highlight clip, Malice speaks with the Captain of the sloop while another King sneaks behind him and successfully tucs on the ship.

Watch Sneaky sneak LUL from EnticeTheMalice_ on www.twitch.tvKing members Malice and MassSniper tuc’d on this sloop for approximately 1 hour and 20 min. Unfortunately, during the last island where the Athena was to be discovered, another solo sloop approached and began firing on the Athena ship. The captain was killed so Malice and MassSniper had no choice but to intervene and kill the active shooter.

With these latest events, the Athena Captain quit the game and ended our steal attempt.

To end the stream off, the Kings decided to take their frustrations out on another sloop with a slick harpoon dusty kill.

Watch Dusty Harpoon from EnticeTheMalice_ on

Be sure to tune in Friday, Jan 3rd 2020 1730hrs eastern (5:30pm) for the next EnticeTheMalice stream.

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