Stream Debrief – 1/3/2020 – 3 Athena steals and a big brig Boom

Entice The Malice Brig Mega Keg BOOM

Date: 01/03/2020

On the above date, Capstone King members traveled the sea of thieves once again in an attempt to locate and steal Athena chests from other crews. During this live broadcast, a total of 3 chests of legends were stolen. One of the most noteworthy steals of the evening was the fleeing brig who immediately left the fort of the damned as we approached. As we pursued the brig, both the meg and a Skeleton Fleet ship spawned, which made things a little more difficult.

As the brig approached our port side, the Kings opened fire with a barrage of canons, striking one of the mega kegs aboard the ship. The brig was immediately disabled and its crew, killed. Moments later, the brig took on enough water to sink in a matter of seconds, revealing the Athena chest floating above the surface.

Watch BOOM from EnticeTheMalice_ on www.twitch.tvThe next noteworthy steal was near the end of the broadcast when a sloop and 2 Galleons were on scene at an active fort of the damned. All 3 vessels were fully crewed, with a total of 10 opponents.  The Kings attempted to tuc on the ships, however, they were spotted and the fight ensued immediately. 3 Kings stayed behind while one retrieved the ship in order to sink the allianced fleet.

The Kings sunk the fleet several times during a battle that lasted to the end of the broadcast all while successfully obtaining the stolen Athena chest in a victorious mission.

While turning in the stolen merchandise, several members of the other crew showed themselves in Twitch chat, showing their anger and providing additional loot in the form of salt. However, one member of their crew actually gave support and fired off some GG’s, which was unexpected, but respected nonetheless. The offending crew members were removed from the grid.

The full VOD is available for a limited time on the Malice Twitch channel. Be sure to tune in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 5:30pm eastern to catch Malice and the other Capstone Kings live.

No further action taken at this time.

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