Stream Debrief: 1/7/2020, A slow night on the Sea of Thieves with a Single Athena Steal

Entice The Malice Unworthy Rowboat

Stream Date: 1/7/2020

On the above date, Capstone Kings continued their search for those unworthy souls attempting to obtain Athena chests. Starting the sanitation shift, King members traveled the sea in search for discarded trash, salt and potential steals. Unfortunately, the seas were all to quiet. However, near the end of the broadcast, Boatman located an active Fort of the Damned.

Once on scene at the Fort, King members initiated their tucc and waited, and waited….and waited… Due to the abnormal amount of time wasted by the enemy crew trying to eliminate the boss, the Kings stepped in and annihilated the crew, finished the fort and obtained the Athena chest. While loading the merchandise from the fort vault, the enemy crew returned, only to be immediately sunk once again, officially labeling them unworthy.

Once the Athena was successfully turned in, the broadcast concluded without further incident.

Complete VOD is available for a limited time.

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