Stream Debrief 1/8/2020 2 Athena Steals, Salty Pirates, Haunted Crates and Flying Megalodon

Sea of Thieves Haunted Crate

Stream Date 1/8/2020

On the above date, Capstone Kings members sailed the seas for a new adventure of salt and trash collection. At the very start of the broadcast, King member MassSniper encountered a tough guy pirate who advised he and his crew would never be spawn camped. It was at this time, Malice and the remaining crew Slazer and Newzz joined the server and boarded tough guy pirates ship. Once on board, the entire enemy Galleon crew were killed and spawn camped.

As the enemies spawned, the Kings slayed them down, one by one, over and over again. At this point, 3 of the crew members rage quit, leaving the original tough guy pirate to become enraged, finally leaving the game. Once the tough guy was gone, we finished their Fort of the Damned in approximately 15 min and turned in their Athena chest for the win.

Tough Guy response after he was spawn camped

Watch Said he couldn’t be spawn camped. from EnticeTheMalice_ on www.twitch.tvThroughout the evening, several ships were sunk and loot stolen. Another noteworthy moment during this broadcast was the bugged out flying megelodon at the outpost. As the Kings tried to kill it, the meg simply flew over the ship and swam away.¬† This appears to be happening quite a bit within the Sea of Thieves and luck was on the Kings side to be able to witness it first hand as shown below.

Near the end of the broadcast, another Fort of the Damned was found and a successful tucc took place by the Kings. However, due to the amount of time the enemy crew was taking to finish this simple task, it was determined that the Kings would intervene and finish the fort. All ships were sunk and its crews were killed. Once the fort was finished, a course was set to turn in the Athena chest.

Once the Athena was turned in, the battle of boarding began. Unfortunately, neither the Kings or the enemy crews could board as both sides had high situational awareness. It wasn’t until the end of the broadcast where Malice and MassSniper shot to Plunder Outpost and met all 4 of the enemy Galleon. A short battle ensued, 2 v 4 where the 2 Kings took victory by slaying all 4 enemy crew members.

The remaining loot was turned in at Plunder outpost without incident. No further action taken at this time.

Entice The Malice Stream Schedule 

Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 5:30pm

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