Stream Debrief: Jan 14th 2020, Dropped Frames, Stolen Fort of the Damned Key and Tuckers

Entice The Malice Keg Boom

Stream Date: 01/14/2020

This stream had its challenges during it’s broadcast course no doubt, but all those challenges were defeated. The stream started off action packed, however, with some slight internet issues, dropped frames began creeping in to the point where the broadcast had to be disabled for a small amount of time. Once the stream was back up and running, it appeared to be stable. Unfortunately, dropped frames still showed up during the remainder of the broadcast, but not significant enough to warrant an early shutdown.

Several forts were stolen, ships were sunk and players killed. The last battle however consisted of an active normal fort with a galleon and a FOTD key sailing around the map. At this point, the Kings decided to go after the ship, in this case a sloop, that currently had the key. Once we engaged the ship, it was apparent that the crew was semi competent and were guarding their ladders to prevent boarding. It was at this time they advised that they will never let the key get stolen from them.

While keeping watch on the map, the FOTD loot had despawned, so we then changed course and arrived at the active fort, sinking the galleon, killing its crew and taking the loot. After said loot was turned in, we started to head back to the sloop in an attempt to grab the key and sail it to the red sea, just to prove a point, they will lose.

As we made our way back to the general location of the sloop, another brig showed up with a full crew of tuck wearing players. The battle was long, plenty of deaths on all sides, but it ended as we expected, a stolen FOTD key which we brought to the red sea. We win.

Both crews had tried to trash talk when they obtained a few kills, but once we gained control of their ships and proceeded to spawn camp, they went silent. Victory once again.

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This stream’s crew: Malice, BoyDudeMan, Slazer, DustyBoatman

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