zZVanZMANZz Listed Into The EnticeTheMalice Hall of the Owned

Hall of the Owned

The latest addition to the Hall of the Owned is zZVanZMANZz. This cheeky character has a sense of racism in his set of human qualities. This person was angered in the game Sea of Thieves when TEAMGOD members took control of his ship, killed him over and over while stealing his supplies, eventually sinking him.

Immediately, zZVanZMANZz began sending messages to King member MassSniper and ensued in a fury of direct messages over Xbox Live. Some messages are consistent with racial bigotry. zZVanZMANZz continued his little tantrum of funny insults to the point where he provided a view for the EnticeTheMalice stream.

Just another victim of TEAMGOD. Remember, if you have complaints, be sure to direct them to us by email here. Or by leaving us a message on our complaint hotline: ‪(865) 316-6735

Below you will see his messages.

Welcome to the Hall of the Owned. 

zZVanZMANZz Owned 1

zZVanZMANZz owned 2

zZVanZMANZz owned 3

zZVanZMANZz owned 4

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