Stream Debrief 1/29/2020, 10 Ships Sink, Stolen Loot and Chat Interaction

Entice The Malice Stream Debrief

This stream was full of ship sinks and chat interaction. Lot’s of great ideas piled in during this stream for new scenes, interactivity and more. During this broadcast, there was only 1 salty pirate that had somewhat of a hot mic episode, but nothing noteworthy to post into the Hall of the Owned at this time.

Stolen loot was at a minimal during the server shakedown on the big Sea of Thieves, however, the main focus during the broadcast was chat interaction and the loyal returning viewers. The order is growing and you all can be a part of it.

This stream’s crew: Malice, Newz, MassSniper and BoyDudeMan.

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