Stream Debrief: 01/30/2020 Sinking Ships With Pace 22 and Turning The Seas Red

Club Malice Lounge with Pace 22

This stream contained ships sinking to the bottom of the ocean, some fan boys and the successful turning in of several contested gold reapers chests with Pace 22. The broadcast started with Pace 22 and I starting separately on sloops, looking for anything we could get involved in. Throughout the stream, we found several ships, which we sank. We also came across a contested regular fort, which we stole from the Galleon crew who were trying to finish it.

By the mid and end of the broadcast, we began collecting gold reapers chests to entice others to come after us, it worked most of the time and the enemy crews constantly failed at their attempts to take us out. Overall, this was a smooth stream which gathered some new followers, returning viewers and the first time we closed the broadcast from the Club Malice Lounge.

This stream’s crew: Malice, Pace 22.

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Watch Saying hi to enemy while Pace having game issues from EnticeTheMalice_ on

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