Stream Debrief: 01/31/2020 Stolen Forts, Loot Haul, PVP and The Death of Enemy Tuckers

Entice The Malice DeathSquad

Tonight’s broadcast was action packed and all took place primarily on 1 server. It all began with an active Fort of the Damned where Capstone King members were successfully tucked. However, an enemy crew attempted to tuck as well and this began the long battle throughout the broadcast. The enemy crew started off strong and kept returning to the fort after being killed, but were unsuccessful at completing the fort. CK members eventually finished the fort and most of the loot within it, including the trophy Athena chest.

As CK members finished loading the ship with loot, another enemy sloop who allied with the enemy brig team arrived on scene, however, CK immediately obtained full billows and outran both the Brig and Sloop. They of course pursued but were unable to snatch the Athena and 2 reapers chest, which were turned into the Reapers Hideout.

CK continued to head East into the Devils Roar, grabbing supplies on the way. The plan was to troll the enemy crews a bit by obtaining the Shroud breaker and head into the red sea, to see what they would do. At this time, 3 King members jumped over to Morrows Outpost to obtain the shroud breaker, which they successfully did just before the enemy brig arrived. The brig crew members all went to Morrows outpost as well, however they met their fate and were all slayed by Capstone King members swiftly.

Once the enemy crew was killed, it was to late for them as the Galleon with the loot was already in the shroud and off to the Shores of Gold. Loot was eventually turned in and the server was owned by CK.

This stream’s crew: Malice, Newz, MassSniper, BoyDudeMan.

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