Stream Debrief: 02/03/2020 Duo Sloop and Athena Steal With Pace22, Stream Follow Train

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During this broadcast, Malice and Pace 22 crewed up as a duo sloop, on the lookout for forts, gold reapers and possible gilded voyages. During the beginning phase of the broadcast, Pace had located a Galleon that was possibly on a gilded voyage, however due to the voyage table bug still present, it was not confirmed which voyage this crew was working. After stalking them for a bit, we decided to just initiate an attack and sunk the enemy crew. As expected, no loot was located and appeared that this particular crew was not working a gilded voyage.

As the broadcast continued, we located another Brig docked at Crooks Hollow, a hot spot for the current gilded voyages. I angled our sloop and positioned it to perform a drive by where Pace successfully boarded the enemy Brig without detection and initiated his tuck. During the next approximately 1 hour, the enemy Brig took their time, grabbing loot, turning it in etc. However, after turning in the first wave of loot, they left the outpost and decided to fight the megalodon. It was at this time that Pace was accidentally located and killed.

While tucked on the Brig it was confirmed based on existing loot that was on the Brig and the circled islands on the map, this was indeed a gilded voyage. Once back on our sloop, Malice and Pace continued to stalk the Brig crew from afar, keeping track of every move. The Brig then arrived at Thieves Haven, the Athena island. Pace took the rowboat in an attempt to gather more Intel on the current Athena dig and was able to confirm 1 Athena chest being brought to the crows nest.

Once the Athena chest was secured in the crow’s nest, we decided to attack and steal the confirmed chest. As I made my approach to the Brig, Pace took a sniper shot at the crows nest where one enemy crew member was and a few explosive barrels, igniting them immediately and securing the first kill. The ship was fully involved in flames and sunk shortly after. The remaining crew was killed and the Athena was secured on our ship.

As Pace stayed behind, I set a course to Plunder Outpost and turned in the chest. Another steal for the books.

As the broadcast came to an end, the stream traveled to Club Malice for the closing. During this time, a flood of followers poured in to show support. Keeping up with the massive influx of followers was fun and not expected and made this broadcast an extra exciting one. Thank you to everyone who showed support for this great stream!

This stream’s crew: Malice, Pace 22

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