Stream Debrief: 02/10/2020 Failed FOTD Steal, Trolling and Massive Viewer Support

Entice The Malice Sub Drone

This broadcast started off at a decent rate. It began with me (Malice) solo slooping for a short bit of time, locating other ships on the server in attempt to be “friendly” (Trolling) before ultimately turning on the players to kill and sink them. The first sloop that was located was crewed by 2 pirates, but whom appear to be a bit nervous when I boarded their ship. I made several attempts to talk to them but no response was verbally given by them during the attempted trolling session. One of the pirates then attempted to swim to my ship and at that time, I opened fire on his crew mate. Unfortunately, he pulled out a blunder and 1 shot me for an instant death.

At this time, I suspected that they would attempt to spawn camp me, however, due to my surprise this was not the case. I spawned on my ship as the enemy crew were firing canons. I returned canon fire, killing one of the pirates. I immediately swam to the other ship, killed the second pirate and began the spawn camping procedure. No more trolling, after several minutes of kills, the crew finally scuttled their ship in defeat.

At this time, I then crewed up with Pace 22 who immediately located an active Fort of the Dammed. Once we arrived at the fort, we observed a spyglass glint in an area of the fort consistent with other players tucking in. This glint is the unfortunate glint bug which gave the enemy’s position away. This player was immediately killed by Pace. As we continued to make our way around the fort, the brig who started it were killed and sunk, including the sloop that arrived shortly after.

Once the enemy ships were gone, we attempted to kill the final boss but did not have sufficient time to complete the task as the ships who were sunk, had returned. During this battle, our ship had 0 supplies, which made things much tougher. The brig that had returned sunk again by us, however, several of its crew members tucked on the island without our knowledge and were able to get a few kills on us. However, we were able to gain control over our ship once again and kill the remaining brig crew. By this time however, an additional brig, sloop and galleon had arrived and we did not have the supplies to continue fighting in a naval battle.

The galleon crew was able to overtake our ship, ending our battle.

By this time, additional crew mates came online and we started a full Galleon server. While searching the seas, I came across a sloop at Sunken Grove. Looking for a little frustration relief, I decided to locate its crew in an attempted trolling session and slay. Once on board the enemy sloop, I found 0 treasure and no crew. I canvassed the island and found a lone pirate holding a villainous skull. He appeared to be confused as I spoke to him, however, he had bit spit on by a snake a few times which ended up killing him during my attempts to communicate.

Once he died, I made my way back to his ship and began the spawn camp procedure which caused him to sink. Once I left this server, I joined Pace and crew for a final fort steal of the night, which was a success.

Last but not least, I have to mention one of my loyal viewers “North” (Xbox and Discord tags). The support received this stream from this person, all the way from NORWAY was absolutely amazing! Great person to chat with, laugh with and to have awesome conversation with. I am truly grateful for the support North!

This stream’s crew: Malice, Pace 22 / Later: Malice, Pace 22, Cobbobles, Rob

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