New Stream Channel Perk, 1v1 Quake Champions

Entice the malice, Quake Champions

Now that the stream has been going for a few months, I decided to add a channel perk to the stream, a duel, 1v1 Instagib Rails in Quake Champions. Below will be the rule set for this perk.

  • 10k Channel points (Only 1 of these can be purchased per stream. Once someone redeems it, it is gone)
  • Match will be played on the Longest Yard
  • 10min time limit / 30 Frags
  • Match will be played as soon as possible during the current stream session

Once you redeem the perk, send a whisper to EnticeTheMalice_ with your Bethesda gamer-tag and send a friends request to EnticeTheMalice

Be ready to play, if you do not show up within 3 to 5 minutes of an invite to the lobby, its over.


Players who win the 1v1 duel we receive 3 million medallions (Loyalty points) that can be used for official giveaway and other events when available. Losers will receive 20k medallions for their effort!

Additional Information

Quake Champions is free to play, so there is no cost to play it. Visit the Quake Champions website for more info and to download.

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