Sea of Thieves PVP Funny Moments, Ferocious Friday #2

Sea of thieves ferocious friday, entice the malice

The latest YouTube video is up which features a full recap and best moments of the Sea of Thieves PVP Ferocious Friday stream on 4/3/2020. Stream features BlaBlaBritney as a guest co-stream and total destruction of everyone. Ferocious Friday streams are just as it sounds, the domination of everyone in the Sea of Thieves. Malice and crew have one task and that is to kill and sink everyone. All sinks are tallied up in real-time with the objective to beat the previous week’s sink total.

This highlight reel features lots of PVP encounters, energizing music, hotmics, ships sinking to the bottom of the sea and something we normally don’t due, help new pirates. We came across some new pirates, young kids who needed a boost, so we helped them out, trolled them a little bit but ended up giving them the fort loot we helped them with. Once we were finished with them, the carnage started up again to get us to the 18 ships sunk mark.

Ferocious Friday takes place every Friday evening on Twitch, playing Sea of Thieves. The crew is normally the Capstone Kings death squad, Malice, MassSniper and Boydudeman, and special guest as our fourth. If you are into nonstop PVP action in Sea of Thieves, this may be the event to watch. The Malice Twitch channel features high-quality stream broadcast visuals, audio and chat engagement.

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View Sea of Thieves PVP Highlights Funny Moments – Sea of Thieves Funny Moments, Ferocious Friday #2 on YouTube. 

Below is the video, enjoy.

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