Gilded Athena Loot Haul Giveaway Oct 10, 12pm Est

Gilded Athena Giveaway, Sea of Thieves

Gilded Athena Loot Haul

The first giveaway by EnticeTheMalice is coming up in October and will be a full Gilded Athena, completed voyage. To make things, even more, spicier, Malice, and the Strike Team will also stack at least 2 Fort of the Damn’s which will give the winner a total of 5 Athena chests (Chest of Legends).

Rules and other info:

  • Anyone can participate
  • Must follow the channel here
  • This will be a random drawing
  • The winner can invite his/her crew to enjoy the gold and rep

More info will be posted here as the days go by. Have questions? Contact me here.

UPDATE: 10-8-2020

Due to a recent Twitter poll, I will change the process of choosing a winner by random drawing.

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