Giveaway Winner CursedSloth4785 Nets Tons of Gold and Rep

Giveaway Winner CursedSloth, EnticeTheMalice Twitch Streamer

As you may or may not know, EnticeTheMalice held a Twitch giveaway last Saturday, Oct 10, 2020 which resulted in a large loot haul winner. The rules were simple, show up, hang out, and enter the drawing when it was time. Followers gained an extra entry and subs had a 3x higher chance of winning, the pressure was on.

The day started out at approximately 10 am eastern as members of the Malice Strike Team (MassSniper, TheFireHazardHD, DustyBoatman, Slazer) began the Gilded Athena voyage, collecting all 3 legend chests. From there, they began to knock out an ashen Athena voyage and by this time, they obtained 4 legend chests total. By 1 pm eastern, the stream went live and the team started stacking Fort of the Damns in an average of about 10 to 12 min each.

At this time, no one had contested us, even though we had several reaper chests onboard and the reaper flag flying. However, that changed by the time the team had begun working on the 6th FoTD when a crew of self-proclaimed stream snipers attempted to disrupt the current events. The enemy crew failed over and over at their sneak keg attacks, naval attacks, and hand to hand combat. Kills and deaths were exchanged on both sides, but the sniping crew ended up sinking approximately 3 to 4 times during this session even with every advantage they had.

Once the 10th legend chest was on board, we began to sail away, with the stream sniping crew behind. It was at this time we headed to the shores of gold in an attempt to gain some time in order to do a drawing for the winner, however, the sniping crew also had the shroud breaker and continued their pursuit.

A winner was eventually drawn, CursedSloth4785, a loyal viewer of the Malice stream. Originally, the plan was to allow the winner to invite his/her own crew and share the loot, however, due to the incompetent stream snipers and how aggressive they were trying to be, we changed up the rules and invited the winner to the crew and assisted in the turn in to several outposts to guarantee the delivery of the giveaway.

By this time, the stream snipers had given up as it finally became apparent to them that their endeavor was a lost cause and that they failed miserably.

So, the giveaway was a success, fun and the lucky winner enjoyed the 200k+ gold and lots of rep for his Sea of Thieves account. Also, this being the first giveaway for the Malice stream, it was a great way to see how things played out. This knowledge was good to know as we do have some more future giveaway ideas coming in the near future, so stay tuned!

Be sure to follow the Malice stream for more pvp style gameplay with the strike team. If you have any questions, please contact me.

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