Sea of Thieves PVP, New Stream Building, Tucs, Death and Theft

Sea of Thieves PVP Highlight 5, Entice The Malice

The latest Entice The Malice highlight video which was broadcasted in the new Malice Command Center. Stream Highlights from 12-18-2020 with the Malice Strike Team and BlaBlaBrittney. Full gally crew tuc on a sloop duo crew. Using their ship and another sloop to transport our stolen loot, killing and spawn camping them to do it. […]

Giveaway Winner CursedSloth4785 Nets Tons of Gold and Rep

Giveaway Winner CursedSloth, EnticeTheMalice Twitch Streamer

As you may or may not know, EnticeTheMalice held a Twitch giveaway last Saturday, Oct 10, 2020 which resulted in a large loot haul winner. The rules were simple, show up, hang out, and enter the drawing when it was time. Followers gained an extra entry and subs had a 3x higher chance of winning, […]

Gilded Athena Loot Haul Giveaway Oct 10, 12pm Est

Gilded Athena Giveaway, Sea of Thieves

Gilded Athena Loot Haul The first giveaway by EnticeTheMalice is coming up in October and will be a full Gilded Athena, completed voyage. To make things, even more, spicier, Malice, and the Strike Team will also stack at least 2 Fort of the Damn’s which will give the winner a total of 5 Athena chests […]

Stream Debrief: 1/7/2020, A slow night on the Sea of Thieves with a Single Athena Steal

Entice The Malice Unworthy Rowboat

Stream Date: 1/7/2020 On the above date, Capstone Kings continued their search for those unworthy souls attempting to obtain Athena chests. Starting the sanitation shift, King members traveled the sea in search for discarded trash, salt and potential steals. Unfortunately, the seas were all to quiet. However, near the end of the broadcast, Boatman located […]

Stream Debrief – 1/3/2020 – 3 Athena steals and a big brig Boom

Entice The Malice Brig Mega Keg BOOM

Date: 01/03/2020 On the above date, Capstone King members traveled the sea of thieves once again in an attempt to locate and steal Athena chests from other crews. During this live broadcast, a total of 3 chests of legends were stolen. One of the most noteworthy steals of the evening was the fleeing brig who […]

Stream Debrief – Jan 1, 2020, Athena Fail on the Seas with a Dusty Harpoon

EnticeTheMalice Dusty Harpoon

Stream Date: 01/01/20 On the above date, the Capstone Kings crew embarked on a strategic journey to steal a Fort of the Damned and an athena chest. Crew members negotiated a deal with another galleon to take over their ship to begin the official ops plan. During this time, the original galleon crew who were […]