Sea of Thieves PVP Funny Moments, Ferocious Friday #2

Sea of thieves ferocious friday, entice the malice

The latest YouTube video is up which features a full recap and best moments of the Sea of Thieves PVP Ferocious Friday stream on 4/3/2020. Stream features BlaBlaBritney as a guest co-stream and total destruction of everyone. Ferocious Friday streams are just as it sounds, the domination of everyone in the Sea of Thieves. Malice […]

zZVanZMANZz Listed Into The EnticeTheMalice Hall of the Owned

Hall of the Owned

The latest addition to the Hall of the Owned is zZVanZMANZz. This cheeky character has a sense of racism in his set of human qualities. This person was angered in the game Sea of Thieves when TEAMGOD members took control of his ship, killed him over and over while stealing his supplies, eventually sinking him. […]

Stream Debrief: 1/7/2020, A slow night on the Sea of Thieves with a Single Athena Steal

Entice The Malice Unworthy Rowboat

Stream Date: 1/7/2020 On the above date, Capstone Kings continued their search for those unworthy souls attempting to obtain Athena chests. Starting the sanitation shift, King members traveled the sea in search for discarded trash, salt and potential steals. Unfortunately, the seas were all to quiet. However, near the end of the broadcast, Boatman located […]

Stream Debrief – 1/3/2020 – 3 Athena steals and a big brig Boom

Entice The Malice Brig Mega Keg BOOM

Date: 01/03/2020 On the above date, Capstone King members traveled the sea of thieves once again in an attempt to locate and steal Athena chests from other crews. During this live broadcast, a total of 3 chests of legends were stolen. One of the most noteworthy steals of the evening was the fleeing brig who […]

Stream Debrief – Jan 1, 2020, Athena Fail on the Seas with a Dusty Harpoon

EnticeTheMalice Dusty Harpoon

Stream Date: 01/01/20 On the above date, the Capstone Kings crew embarked on a strategic journey to steal a Fort of the Damned and an athena chest. Crew members negotiated a deal with another galleon to take over their ship to begin the official ops plan. During this time, the original galleon crew who were […]

Stream Debrief – Salty Pirate PiRiShX gaming gets schooled in Sea of Thieves

Stream Debrief - PiRiShX gets owned

Stream Date: 12/31/19 This marks the debut stream for EnticeTheMalice on With a visual story element integrated with the stream (Red Arena), and entertaining game play, the Malice stream should keep viewers engaged. During this debut stream, Malice crewed up with fellow Capstone King members, Newz lol, MassSniper and BoyDudeMan in a full Galleon […]