Sea of Thieves PVP, New Stream Building, Tucs, Death and Theft

Sea of Thieves PVP Highlight 5, Entice The Malice

The latest Entice The Malice highlight video which was broadcasted in the new Malice Command Center. Stream Highlights from 12-18-2020 with the Malice Strike Team and BlaBlaBrittney. Full gally crew tuc on a sloop duo crew. Using their ship and another sloop to transport our stolen loot, killing and spawn camping them to do it. […]

Youtube Video Sea of Thieves PVP, Trolling, Stream Highlights Jan 2020

Entice The Malice - January 2020 Highlights, Sea of Thieves

Here is the first YouTube video since starting the official Entice The Malice live Twitch Stream. This is a mini highlight clip video showing some fun moments during the last couple streams on the Twitch stream. The video features Sea of Thieves game play with the Death Squad. If you enjoy the content, please let […]

EnticeTheMalice Gaming History, From 1980’s to Present Day

Entice The Malice Gaming History

It’s been a long time for me and gaming. Starting out with my very first gaming machine, the Atari 2600 back in the early 1980’s. It was my first peek at the gaming world. It was amazing to see games like Moon Patrol, Pitfall and other failed games like E.T. I owned every game that […]