Giveaway Winner CursedSloth4785 Nets Tons of Gold and Rep

Giveaway Winner CursedSloth, EnticeTheMalice Twitch Streamer

As you may or may not know, EnticeTheMalice held a Twitch giveaway last Saturday, Oct 10, 2020 which resulted in a large loot haul winner. The rules were simple, show up, hang out, and enter the drawing when it was time. Followers gained an extra entry and subs had a 3x higher chance of winning, […]

Gilded Athena Loot Haul Giveaway Oct 10, 12pm Est

Gilded Athena Giveaway, Sea of Thieves

Gilded Athena Loot Haul The first giveaway by EnticeTheMalice is coming up in October and will be a full Gilded Athena, completed voyage. To make things, even more, spicier, Malice, and the Strike Team will also stack at least 2 Fort of the Damn’s which will give the winner a total of 5 Athena chests […]