EnticeTheMalice and ChopTheBone Epic Sea of Thieves Fort Key Theft

Sea of Thieves PVP, Fort Key Theft

During the livestream for EnticeTheMalice and ChopTheBone, an epic battle for the skull fort key ensued. It all started after sinking approximately 12 ships during a few hours of server hopping. The latest fort we were headed to had just been completed, so of course we change up tactics during the approach in order to […]

Potential Upcoming Stream Schedule For EnticeTheMalice

EnticeTheMalice Stream Schedule News

As of right now, I juggle a full time career, family and a software company. Finding time to do what I love (Playing Games) is not easy, but with support from friends and family, it’s never impossible. I am toying with a stream schedule that would allow me some air time and still give me […]