Sea of Thieves PVP Funny Moments, Ferocious Friday #2

Sea of thieves ferocious friday, entice the malice

The latest YouTube video is up which features a full recap and best moments of the Sea of Thieves PVP Ferocious Friday stream on 4/3/2020. Stream features BlaBlaBritney as a guest co-stream and total destruction of everyone. Ferocious Friday streams are just as it sounds, the domination of everyone in the Sea of Thieves. Malice […]

Stream Debrief: 01/30/2020 Sinking Ships With Pace 22 and Turning The Seas Red

Club Malice Lounge with Pace 22

This stream contained ships sinking to the bottom of the ocean, some fan boys and the successful turning in of several contested gold reapers chests with Pace 22. The broadcast started with Pace 22 and I starting separately on sloops, looking for anything we could get involved in. Throughout the stream, we found several ships, […]

Stream Debrief 1/29/2020, 10 Ships Sink, Stolen Loot and Chat Interaction

Entice The Malice Stream Debrief

This stream was full of ship sinks and chat interaction. Lot’s of great ideas piled in during this stream for new scenes, interactivity and more. During this broadcast, there was only 1 salty pirate that had somewhat of a hot mic episode, but nothing noteworthy to post into the Hall of the Owned at this […]

Youtube Video Sea of Thieves PVP, Trolling, Stream Highlights Jan 2020

Entice The Malice - January 2020 Highlights, Sea of Thieves

Here is the first YouTube video since starting the official Entice The Malice live Twitch Stream. This is a mini highlight clip video showing some fun moments during the last couple streams on the Twitch stream. The video features Sea of Thieves game play with the Death Squad. If you enjoy the content, please let […]

zZVanZMANZz Listed Into The EnticeTheMalice Hall of the Owned

Hall of the Owned

The latest addition to the Hall of the Owned is zZVanZMANZz. This cheeky character has a sense of racism in his set of human qualities. This person was angered in the game Sea of Thieves when TEAMGOD members took control of his ship, killed him over and over while stealing his supplies, eventually sinking him. […]