What is the Hall of the Owned?

This is a concept I created back in 98 when we had our first underground group called TEAMGOD. The Hall was used to list our conquests against those salty sweats. It’s even better in today’s society as a lot of people take it so serious. We go after those who have a big ego, talk […]

Who inspired you to start streaming?

I have 2 streamers that I have become friends with over the years. Without these 2 individuals, I would not even have thought about streaming myself. Those 2 people are PWNSTARZdotCOM and Pace 22. These two guys are awesome and you should check them out.

What are your PC specs?

At the time of this entry, I am running an intel i7, 32gb ram, m.2 boot drive with 8tb slave storage and an nvidia GTX card, soon to be replaced by an RTX. Keyboard is your run of the mill and the mouse is a Razer deathadder.

Do you have a webcam?

I do have a cam. However, it is not activated at this time. This is for a few reasons. I am a new streamer, so I need to get use to the new environment. Secondly, the cam will be introduced a bit later as the stream story line progresses. So, there is a plan to […]